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10-04-2019  |  106x
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New High-Temperature Self-Regulating Trace Heaters


The self-regulating trace heaters ELSR-SH and ELSR-SHH are designed for high temperatures up to 250 C in industrial applications.

They are also approved for use in hazardous areas and withstand aggressive chemicals, oil and fuel.

The ELSR (eltherm-self-regulating) heating tape can be used for frost protection and maintaining constant temperatures on vessels, pipes, valves, etc.. Except for the connections, the heating cable may be immersed to fluids. If used in an aggressive environment (the chemical or petrochemical industry), we lag the heating cable with a special chemically resistant outer jacket (fluoropolymer).

The matrix is the most important quality aspect for self-regulating heating cables. In order to be able to exercise the greatest possible influence on this production process, we manufacture the granulate for the matrix ourselves. As a result of this, eltherm is one of the top manufacturers of self-regulating heating cables in the world. This is also influenced by the special pre-treatment of the components and our long-time experience with these parameters. We are therefore able to guarantee constant high quality.

Innovative connection and power supply - El-Clic One system for all applications. No matter if you want to connect a self-regulating heating cable (types ELSR-N, -LS or W) with the power supply, you need a Tee-splice, you want to supply two or three self-regulating heating cables with power, just connect two or three self-regulating heating cables to each other, with the innovative fast connector system El-Clic of eltherm you have the perfect solution.


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