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16-06-2020  |  270x
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Börger BLUEline AN series
Börger BLUEline AN series

Börger presents their new generation lobe pumps

With the AN series Börger sets the first step in the innovation of there lobe pumps

* Lower energy consumption due to efficiency improvements
* Virtually pulsation-free operation, even at high pressures
* High operational reliability
* Wide range of shaft seals

Börger recently presented the new generation of its BLUEline rotary lobe pump for the first time. As rotary displacement pump specialist we promise improved operation and higher energy efficiency.

At Börger, we are constantly working on improving our products. Many small innovations have grown into the new generation of our Blue-line pump, which together represent a significant improvement. Some technical and design changes come from the current generation of the ONIXline industrial process pump.

New rotors

The new Dius rotor has been developed using the latest flow simulation programs and numerous tests on the company`s own test bench. The two-wing rotor has a wide sealing surface and a very streamlined rotation.
To take full advantage of the new rotor, the pump housing and inlet windows have been optimized and adapted to the new rotor.

The interaction of new rotors, the optimized inlet windows and the adapted pump housing ensure smooth transport and virtually pulsation-free operation, even at high pressures. The pump pumps very energy and product friendly. Excellent efficiency and a considerably longer service life than comparable pumps are achieved.

Larger Intermediate Chamber

The new BLUEline pump is equipped with an enlarged, oil-filled intermediate chamber. The oil cools and lubricates the seals. In the event of a defective mechanical seal, the intermediate chamber protects the gearbox against the ingress of liquid. Escaping pumping medium enters the large intermediate chamber and can flow freely through the overflow.
The enlarged intermediate chamber can accommodate many different seals. So we are even more flexible when it comes to choosing the mechanical sealing system.

Summary: The modifications have improved the volumetric efficiency of our pumps. The pumps are now also suitable for even higher discharge pressures. At the same capacity, you need considerably less energy and can achieve a longer service life.

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