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Microfluidic Valves for Ventilation

The rapid development of ventilation devices results in a positive impact

Chronic respiratory diseases and a global aging population are leading to an increase in demand for ventilators. The design and development of ventilators can present challenges: the need for reliable and precise air and oxygen control requires application experience and fluidic control expertise. In addition, development timelines are constantly under increased pressure.

Emerson has deep technical expertise in developing fluidic solutions for ventilator systems - intensive care, emergency, and anesthesia ventilators. With our proven technology and trusted durable solutions, Emerson is an experienced partner that you can rely on for product development and manufacture.

The efficient control of gases in a ventilator requires precision and reliability. Emersonís extensive range of fluid control solutions enables you to source either standard ASCO proportional and general service valves or a complete gas control solution from a single supplier, shortening your development timeline and reducing costs. For more information regarding our solutions and the technical details of our solenoid valves, please visit our website.