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03-07-2020  |  946x
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Suurmond and Autoclave to become one

Our new company strategy

Since 1974, Suurmond has been a customer-oriented solution provider for process technology for production sites. For years, we have also supplied solutions for R&D and laboratory under the name Autoclave.

As markets continuously change, it is necessary to adapt our organisation to the changing requirements.

We have therefor restructured our product portfolio into 3 Business Units:

- Fluid Handling
- Reactor Systems
- Polymer Handling

Fluid Handling

Solutions based on industrial/ chemical pumps of leading companies such as MAAG Pump Systems, Gather Industrie and HNP Mikrosysteme. We design dedicated dosing systems by the name suurDOS and complete pump systems specifically for your application.

Reactor Systems

Formerly sold under the name Autoclave, we now supply the modular solutions for R&D and laboratories under the name Suurmond. The Business Unit Reactor Systems says it all.

The name Autoclave and its logo will disappear. Instead you will find all solutions in the Business Unit Reactor Systems. Bchi AG and Systag System Technik AG being the main suppliers here.

Polymer Handling

We supply dedicated gear pumps, screen changers and filtration systems from MAAG Pump & Filtration Systems and Mahr Metering Systems for polymer processing and polymer production. We provide solutions for (Pre)polymer processing, Masterbatch, Compounding, Recycling, Extrusion and Polymer production.

What else changes for you?

The only thing that changes, is the disappearance of the name Autoclave and its logo. Other details and your contact persons remain the same. Restructuring the portfolio will help you find a solution for your process in an easier way.

Our two LinkedIn profiles have been merged to 1. Will you keep following us? Navigate to our Suurmond profile.

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