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01-07-2019  |  763x
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Side channel pump MSCP
Side channel pump MSCP

Packo Pumps launches the most hygienic side channel pump

Packo Pumps has expanded its range with the MSCP, a side channel impeller pump.

Packo Pumps has expanded its range with the MSCP, a side channel impeller pump. This is to offer a solution for applications with foaming or viscous liquids, where a traditional centrifugal pump sometimes has a harder time. In line with the rest of the range, the cleanability of the pump was an important factor in the final design.

Hygienic design comes first

Classic centrifugal pumps can encounter problems with specific applications with foaming or viscous products. Packo Pumps is therefore expanding its range with a side channel pump to also provide an answer to these applications.
The Packo pumps are known for their high cleanability. Even with the newest member of the family, the design ensures that it is easy to clean. Some concrete examples of this:

The position of the outlet.

With many side channel pumps, the shaft seal is in a dead space. With the MSCP, the outlet of the pump is on the sealing chamber. In this way the sealing chamber is continuously flushed well and no dead space can arise.


With side channel pumps whose impeller is closed on the outside, there is always a narrow gap that cannot be cleaned between the impeller and the pump casing. If you use an open impeller, the blades often vibrate, resulting in a lot of noise.
That is why Packo uses a connection ring on the outside of the blades with its MSCP series. On the one hand, these will prevent the vibrations of the blades. On the other hand, the ring is so narrow that the space behind it is still easy to clean.
In addition to the classic impeller with straight blades, Packo Pumps has also designed a unique impeller with profiled blades for this pump. This allows them to extract a wider range of operating points from the same pump.
Moreover, the suction chamber itself is sufficiently large so that when the pump is switched off, sufficient liquid remains in the pump. This way the pump remains completely self-priming when it is restarted.
Like every Packo pump, the MSCP is built with standard mechanical seals and motors.

Ideal for airhandling (hygienic) applications

This self-priming side channel pump is ideal for applications where air must be pumped against a high back pressure in the discharge line.
The MSCP has exceptional suction power and airhandling capacity. This means that the pump can completely empty the suction line, even with foaming and slightly more viscous liquids.
Thanks to these characteristics, the MSCP can therefore be used for unloading trucks and pumping in high silos.
Due to its hygienic design (electro-polishing as surface treatment), it is also extremely suitable for environments that are sensitive to hygiene.

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