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30-05-2019  |  1466x
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Emerson cabinet, panel and integrated assembly solutions

Enhance your project certainty

with integrated solutions from Emerson

Save time and money on resources so you can focus on the areas where you add value.

As manufacturers look to get a faster return on their investments, you are under increasing pressure to complete projects within shorter timeframes. The availability of experienced engineers is often limited, but budget constraints prevent you from bringing in additional resources. Increasingly complex pneumatic challenges require you to work with multiple suppliers, which can add complexity and time to the project.
It also makes keeping control of costs more difficult, especially if minor components are overlooked or compatibility issues require redesigns. To ensure your project meets these challenges, you need to simplify your fluid automation project.

Emerson provides customised and complete fluid control and pneumatics solutions, with ASCO™, Aventics™, TESCOM™ and TopWorx™ products, to integrate and manage a wide variety of configurations.

Cabinet, panel and integrated assembly solutions greatly simplify the challenge of designing and engineering. By handing over the responsibility to an expert, this frees up valuable resources, reduces the number of suppliers and ensures that you keep a firm control of overall project deadlines and costs. Emerson’s fully assembled, tested and certified cabinets and panels are easily installed and connected, helping to get production started sooner.

Over 127 years of experience and expertise in a variety of industries worldwide makes us uniquely qualified to be your partner in creating complete solutions to your unique application requirements.

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