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04-10-2018  |  577x
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salmonella out of your production plant

One of Europe’s largest specialists of its kind, chooses to upgrade its factories with Ozonetech’s RENA Pro Solutions. Not surprising, the group takes investments in crucial production equipment seriously.

After 24 months of salmonella-free test operation on first production line, the client chose to upgrade its factories with our premium ozone systems. This will prevent outbreaks of bacteria, microorganisms, salmonella and other unwanted elements in their storage and transport lines.

RENA Pro™ is our latest plug & play solution well suited for salmonella, bug and pest control as well as handling challenging sanitation and purification tasks. RENA Pro has been proven successful in applications such as production processes, packaging lines, grain storage, bone meal and flour transport lines.

Did you know that
• A brewery can save up to 10-15% of the total water consumption using our ozone systems?
• Dairy facilities and breweries will save 50% of the total use of chemicals in cleaning and disinfection processes?
• Ozone does not leave any environmentally harmful substances in the wastewater?
• Our ozone systems effectively ensures 100% clean and sanitized process water and quality assurance during milk, cheese and beer production?
• Ozon CIP enables up to 30 minutes shorter downtime, which will improve your production efficiency significantly?

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