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26-03-2019  |  2208x
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New brand claim represents elobau

Creating Sustainable Solutions

As of today, a new brand claim will represent our company: "creating sustainable solutions". This claim replaces the "sensor technology", which is no longer suitable for our current services and product Portfolio. Our claim replaces the "sensor technology" which is no longer suitable for our current services and product Portfolio.

Our claim "creating sustainable Solutions" is the DNA of our company. It reflects our corporate Philosophy, which we have lived and breathed for many years, and at the same time it pinpoints the lengths that we will go to in the future for your benefit.

Every single term in "creating sustainable solutions" makes a promise to our customers, suppliers and employees:


In a partnership with elobau you can rely on our passion for innovations with a real added value. We will actively use our expertise, creativity and an alert view of the world to offer you prescient answers to the challenges of the future.


"Sustainability" is the qualitative core of what we do. In cooperation with us, you will benefit from this in several ways: you have the security of a supplier of sustainably produced solutions and collect in this way valuable points for your own sustainability score. In us you have a partner who will provide you with teams that are both consistent and high-performing due to the sustainable treatment of our employees. Last but not least, our consistent sustainability policy leads to extremely reliable, long-lasting products.


With elobau you are choosing a partner with the aspiration to always being a leader in finding the right solution for your needs. Our core business are sensor-based solutions consisting of hardware, software and excellent service. But our commitment to "sustainable solutions" goes far beyond. Based on the intelligent interaction of a leading product and technology portfolio, we would like to surprise you with our tailor-made solutions. Solutions that contribute to more sustainability for you and your customers.


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