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Job vacancy
12-07-2018  |  3095x
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Sales Manager at Penko

Representative Responsibilities:

Coordinates all sales activities and develops Penko weighing business globally.
Facilitates sales and develops new business.
Coordinates efforts with sales team members, Representatives (Reps) and Dealers associated with the market segments.
Attends industry trade shows and conducts product demonstrations.
Sets sales targets and manages sales team members who in turn manage Dealers and Reps to increase sales.
Travel frequently to distributors and dealers outside Benelux.
Coordinate monthly trainings for customers
Coordinate yearly trainings for global distributors.
Make recommendations to management about new products and acquisitions.
Set and exceed revenue targets for Penko.
Manage expense budgets for sales department at Penko.
Grow the weighing market segments.
Assist with marketing, web site and training content.
Supervise sales team member activities to assure that Penko has the best dealers, distributors for the territories.
Assure Penko maximum market share.
Coordinate directly with key accounts.
Work with sales team members, Distributors, and Dealers to call on machine builders and factories to get Penko specified on new projects.
Provide feedback to Marketing and Sales with market trends.
Coordinate marketing efforts
Performs other duties and projects as assigned

Sales Manager at Penko

Sales Manager at Penko

Date Posted: 2018-07-12

Company information

PENKO Engineering B.V.
PENKO Engineering B.V.
PENKO Engineering B.V. specialises in the development and manufacture of high accuracy and reliable electronic weighing and dosing systems typically designed for use in process industries. We also provide OEM companies with a wide range of weighing and dosing measurement, display and sequencer components and products for integration in automated machinery. The ever increasing cost of materials, growing stringent environmental regulations, consistent quality and track and traceability, insist that process industries pay more attention to quality conformity. The basic and most reliable measuring method to warrant all of the above is still defined by weight, regardless of whether the product is a liquid, a solid mass, granules, a powder or a gas. Over Thirty Years Weighing Experience Established over thirty years ago, PENKO was acquired in June 2004 by ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) of Middleton, WI, USA. Our ambitions have not changed - we are dedicated to supplying the best technology weighing and dosing solutions to clients who depend on continuous and batch control manufacturing processes. Our client base includes the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging, metals, pulp & paper and petrochemical industries. We work closely with OEM`s and system integrators who supply the process industry. PENKO Engineering B.V. is a Dutch company within the global ETC Inc. group of companies based in a factory in Ede, Netherlands. Our company is represented in many major industrial countries through a global network of dealers and agents, fully supported by our own field sales and service teams. PENKO is a member of Vereniging Nederlandse Leveranciers van Weeginstrumenten (VLW), the Association of Dutch Suppliers of Weighing Equipment.
Last update: 02-11-2018
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