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28-04-2021 - 29-04-2021
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Type: Trade show
Duration: 2 days
Starts: 28-04-2021
Ends: 29-04-2021
Place: Antwerpen

Entry: Free (after registering)

Pumps&Valves Belgium

Trade show

Pumps & Valves is the most important Belgian meeting point for pumps, valves and industrial processing of liquids and gases.

The Innovation Tour puts innovations in the spotlight at the event. A professional jury presents the award and an online competition determines who wins the public award for best innovation. Note: every exhibitor can submit his application for free, but a selection is made by the appointed jury for the tour.

Event organizer


ASCO Controls BVAZ Benelux Special Valves B.V.Bedu Pompen B.V.Blue Heat BVBray Controls Benelux B.V.
Börger BeneluxFlowmotion Pump SolutionsGorman-Rupp Europe B.V.Hethon Nederland BVKapp Nederland B.V.
Netzsch pompen Nederland BVNMF Techniek BVProfiltra B.V.Schubert & Salzer Benelux BV/SRLSpin Pompen BV

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Börger presents their new generation lobe pumps With the AN series Börger sets the first step in the innovation of there lobe pumps
Börger presents their new generation lobe pumps
With the AN series Börger sets the first step in the innovation of there lobe pumps • Lower energy consumption due to efficiency improvements • Virtually pulsation-free operation, even at high pressures • High operational reliability • Wide range of shaft seals Börger recently presented the new generation of its BLUEline rotary lobe pump for the first time. As rotary displacement pump specialist we promise improved operation and higher energy efficiency. At Börger, we are constantly working on improving our products. Many small innovations have grown into the new generation of our Blue-line pump, which together represent a significant improvement. Some technical and design changes come from the current generation of the ONIXline industrial process pump. New rotors The new Dius rotor has been developed using the latest flow simulation programs and numerous tests on the company`s own test bench. The two-wing rotor has a wide sealing surface and a very streamlined rotation. To take full advantage of the new rotor, the pump housing and inlet windows
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Magneetgedreven roestvaststalen AISI 316 pompen
Magneetgedreven roestvaststalen AISI 316 pompen

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Sliding gate Valves by Schubert & Salzer Control Systems
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Over 35 years ago Schubert & Salzer Control Systems developed the sliding gate Control valve: a handy, light and highly accurate valve. It operates based on a principle that had already excited Leonardo Da Vinci. Even today, it satisfies the most challenging requirements that are placed on a control valve.
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