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Latest update: 13-02-2019
ASCO Controls BV
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Company brochure
Company brochure
Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our Emerson Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment while optimizing their energy and operating costs. For more information visit www.emerson.com
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 solenoid valves - solenoid valve, 2-way, brass, ss, water, gas, air, oil, water, applications, hot water, steadm, pilot operated, direct operated
 3D/2D CAD Library - Download your free ASCO Numatics 2D and 3D CAD drawings for your own technical design
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 Air service equipment - Filter, regulators, lubricators, precision regulators, shut off valves, stainless steel, ATEX, clean air, corrosive environment, explosionproof,
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Valves - high-pressure-valves
Valves - diaphragm-valves
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Product news

Key Elements in Proportional Pressure Control Valve Technology A white paper of Emerson
Key Elements in Proportional Pressure Control Valve Technology
A white paper of Emerson Proportional control technology is ideal where precise performance is required in variable pressure or flow applications. Often perceived as more complicated than other solenoid valves, the technology used can offer many benefits once a few things are understood. Download our whitepaper to understand the benefits and how to implement these components today.
10-11-2020  |  1031x  | 
Pneumatic Pinch Valve Optimizes Single-use Batch Production
Pneumatic Pinch Valve Optimizes Single-use Batch Production
Emerson’s new ASCO Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valve features an innovative design for improved tube retention and longer lifecycle—ideal for life sciences, food and beverage markets. Emerson has released its ASCO™ Series 273 Pinch Valve for the life sciences market. The new series expands Emerson’s extensive pneumatic valve offering to single-use batch applications in bioreactor and fermentation tanks, tangential flow filters (TFF), chromatography skids and other drug discovery lab applications. The Series 273 features an innovative pinching mechanism that remains firmly in place to provide better tube retention and eliminates breakage or damage to the soft tubing. It also includes a safety guard to prevent exposure to moving parts, as well as a manual override feature that lets operators insert or remove tubing without actuating the valve during unplanned batch switching. “Not only does this enhanced valve design keep operators safer, but it also accelerates setup,
17-01-2020  |  3242x  | 
Emerson’s new ASCO™ 353 Pulse Valve delivers higher peak pressure for Longer Bag, Filter Lifespan and Reduced Maintenance In Reverse-Jet Dust Collector Systems
Emerson’s new ASCO™ 353 Pulse Valve delivers higher peak pressure
for Longer Bag, Filter Lifespan and Reduced Maintenance In Reverse-Jet Dust Collector Systems Emerson is introducing its newly redesigned ASCO™ Series 353 Pulse Valve, designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users achieve a more effective, efficient and convenient bag cleaning every time. With a higher peak pressure, wider temperature range, patented quick mount clamp connection and overall part simplification, the new series provides longer bag and filter life and lower maintenance. The new valve can be used in a wide range of applications, including concrete processing, grain, agriculture and feed, metalworking (abrasive blasting), food processing, foundries, pharmaceutical, mining, rubber mixing/processing, metal processing, lime industry, cement factories, power plants and steel mills. Without optimum peak pressure, dust collector cleaning becomes inefficient and the consumption of compressed air rises. Because it hits peak pressure quickly, the Series 353 creates a more effective cleaning process. The new design also leads to
08-01-2020  |  3723x  |   | 
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Product descriptions

Emerson provides customised valve solutions to Crown-Baele Compact solution with ASCO Numatics valve islands
Emerson provides customised valve solutions to Crown-Baele
Compact solution with ASCO Numatics valve islands Leading industrial automation specialist, Emerson provided Belgium-based Crown-Baele with a bespoke valve and control system for its custom-made bottle filling machine. Using innovative ASCO Numatics valve solutions and customised cabinets to work together with an existing control system (Profinet), they created a compact solution for efficient and accurate control of bottling during beer manufacturing, while also ensuring easy maintenance of the system to increase its lifespan. When designing the new bottle filling machine for the Gouden Carolus brewery in Mechelen in Belgium, manufacturers Crown Baele needed a reliable and robust valve and control system solution which could primarily manage bottle filling, but was also capable of controlling the amount of foam and carbon dioxide during the bottle filling. After close consultation, Emerson recommended its ASCO Numatics 501 series valve islands with G3 electronics to control the machine’s self-developed filling cylinder,
30-06-2015  |  13509x  | 
Discover ASCO Numatics 327 Series solenoid valve
Discover ASCO Numatics 327 Series solenoid valve
The 327 Series from ASCO Numatics is a universal, direct acting solenoid valve available in multiple variations of materials, power, flow and certification. Available in Auto and Manual Reset executions it comes with a range of great accessories, including Manual Operators. The 327 Series is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as actuator piloting, compressor unloading and utilities control. Moreover, the many options and certificates make this valve suitable for hazardous areas. Furthermore, the latest version of the 327 Series is offshore/NACE-compliant. This makes the valve more suitable for upstream oil & gas applications, including safety systems. The 327 Series is designed for safety and reliability. This solenoid valve is proven in use; the balanced poppet design ensures reliable operation, while the unique seal concept prevents valve sticking. Do you want to know more about ASCO Numatics 327 Series solenoid valve? Please visit the 327 website.
08-04-2015  |  13667x  | 
ASCO Numatics proportional valves
ASCO Numatics proportional valves
In many machines and plants, the physical variables must reach a predetermined value independent of external influences. In order to do this, ASCO Numatics proportional valves compare the current process condition with a pre-determined condition (set point). These valves adjust the flow or pressure to ensure the set point is maintained. ASCO Numatics proportional valves are suitable for a wide range of applications in machinery control, as well as for use in basis processes and simple or complex hydro-pneumatic systems. They provide a cost-effective and compact solution for controlling flow or pressure at relatively low flow rates. The combination of electronics and mechanics in proportional valves offers ideal performance for many industrial applications. Therefore, proportional valves are used in many industries including food processing, industrial plant engineering, analytical and medical machinery and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. ASCO Numatics
11-02-2015  |  14185x  | 
ASCO Numatics Valve Islands
ASCO Numatics Valve Islands
Whether you’re looking to automate a simple machine or a complex plant area, you need components that are easy to integrate into existing systems and that are easy to install and commission. Especially as delays in engineering can impact significantly on project start-up times. ASCO Numatics valve islands come with practical, high-end features such as digital displays to make commissioning and fault diagnosis easier. Our compact, modular valves offer the highest flow rate for their size, helping you to reduce machine footprint and lower costs. Our valve islands are offered with the industry’s widest variety of fieldbus protocols and are suitable for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. From pre-assembled products to cabinet-mounted assemblies, solutions are provided for different levels of integration, from simple actuators to boxes and multifunctional cabinets. Discover the benefits of our valve islands and its related electronic platforms, such as the
07-01-2015  |  14004x  | 
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