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Latest update: 25-01-2021
Vega nl
TEL: +31 33 450 25 02
FAX: +31
Arnhemseweg 213-2
NL-3817 CG   Amersfoort
+31 6-46067656
Mr. Rob Smulders
Account Manager Food | Water | Business Development
Mr. Jeroen Pellicaan
Account Manager Chemicals | Petrochemicals | Offshore | Energy
Mr. Marré Schuurmans
Account Manager Ship and yacht building
Mr. Jürgen Schuijren
Managing Director VEGA Nederlands
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Company brochure
Innovative level and pressure measurement technology, the combination of highest safety and efficiency with easy handling: that`s what VEGA stands for - for 60 years. Today, the responsible and long-term oriented family business from Schiltach in the Black Forest is run by the third generation. With around 1,600 employees, the company aims to guarantee the highest quality according to the "Made in Germany" quality promise.

VEGA is active in more than 80 countries and designs solutions for demanding measurement tasks in chemical and pharmaceutical plants, in the food industry, for water and waste water, landfills, mining and power generation, oil platforms, ships and aircraft. The company and its products have all the necessary certificates and approvals for use worldwide. This applies to both technical safety and the quality of products and services.
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Vibrating level switch with turbo drive Highly reliable measuring signal
Vibrating level switch with turbo drive
Highly reliable measuring signal Level protection with a level switch can make the difference in the process between safety and unsafety. Especially when this vibration switch provides highly reliable measurements even under extreme process temperatures (-200 °C / 400 °C) and process pressures (400 bar). In the Botlek, Eemshaven and Western Mining region, several chemical applications are equipped with a Vegaswing 66 with turbo drive. - Maximum accuracy measurements under extreme conditions, - Maximum reliability through uninterrupted process and long lifetime, - Maximum ease of use thanks to an adjustment module Plicscom and adjustment software PACTware. The robust vibration level switch Vegaswing 66, equipped with a turbo drive, gives you the reliable measurement you need in a user-friendly way.
01-04-2021  |  270x  |   | 
How can sensors be integrated into hygienic processes?
For level and pressure measuring sensors as well as level switches, VEGA offers a standardized hygienic adapter concept that is EG 1935/2004, FDA, EHEDG and 3-A compliant. Whether metallically sealing or with O-ring seal: The sensors fit all standard hygienic fittings and are thus ideally suited for use in food production and the pharmaceutical industry. Advantages of the standardized hygienic adapters: * Flexible and simple integration * Fast exchange * Reduced production downtime * Fewer instrument versions in stock
08-09-2020  |  1755x  | 
Compact pressure sensors with 360° status display 256 colours can be individually selected
Compact pressure sensors with 360° status display
256 colours can be individually selected The colour of the illuminated ring remains clearly visible even in daylight. At first glance it can be seen whether the measuring process is running, whether the sensor is switching or whether there may be a malfunction in the process. The Vegabar and Vegapoint product families prove that automation can be very simple and at the same time very efficient without having to compromise on safety, hygiene and accuracy. The new measuring instruments are ideally suited to standard applications, without compromising on quality. Their uniform hygiene adapter system provides the flexibility needed to keep costs and stocks at a meaningful level. Process connections can be selected on the basis of what is required and adapted to local requirements.
06-04-2020  |  3081x  |   | 
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