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Denios BV
 Christiaan Huijgensweg 4
NL-2408 AJ   Alphen aan den Rijn
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Zandstraat 48 / 1
B-2980   Zoersel
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Company brochure


contact, function department email direct dial
Mr. Colin Ouwerling, Sales Manager Benelux Sales 
 +31 172 50 33 93
Mr. Ivo van Wanghe, Manager DENIOS Belgium Sales department 
 +32 3 312 00 87
Mr. Sander Rüpp, Specialist contained solutions airtechnology Contained Solutions 
 +31 172 50 33 77
Mr. Thijs van Rijn, Accountmanager Sales department 
 +31 172 50 33 83

Company profile

Hazardous materials storage - the expert view
At DENIOS we offer the most comprehensive range of products relating to all aspects of hazardous materials storage, environmental protection and health and safety at work. One of our key product lines is fire-rated containers. Whether in the form of walk-in stores for small containers or shelving systems for loading with forklifts - DENIOS is already meeting REI 120 standards with products offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance. So if you need a chemical store or a hazardous materials container and cannot afford to compromise when it comes to fire protection, you can stay on the safe side with DENIOS. As a specialist in hazardous materials technology, we also offer small storage units: from storage containers to gas cylinder cabinets to chemicals cabinets - at DENIOS, safety is not dependent on the size of the store or on the storage container. Our product range also includes gas cylinder storage as well as storage of safety drums, IBCs and small containers.

Products, in categories

Storage systems - Containers, IBCs
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Barrels, drums; types - Aluminium
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Barrels, drums; types - Steel
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Barrels, drums; types - Stainless steel drums, barrels
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Barrels, drums; types - Plastic
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Barrels, drums; types - Card board drums, barrels
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Liners for
Storage systems - Drums, barrels - Storage of
Pumps - Type, technique - Membrane pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Plunger pump
Filtration, seperation - Gas-solid/liquid separation - Filters - Ultrasonic cleaning
Services - Facilitating - Inspection
Services - Facilitating - Service and maintenance
Environment and Energy saving - Environment - Cleaning installations
Environment and Energy saving - Environment - Wash installations
Environment and Energy saving - Environment - Leak pans
Safety - Personal protection - Goggles, mask, shields
Safety - Personal protection - Showers
Safety - Personal protection - Vent systems
Safety - Safety consulting
Safety - Safety regulations - ATEX
Safety - Safety regulations - CE
Laboratory - Laboratory equipment
Laboratory - Personal protection in laboratories
Filtration, seperation - Solid- liquid separator - Filtration, Filtering - Micro filtration
Storage systems - Tools, equipment - Heating (electrical)
Services - Rental - water purification

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
Gas cylinder management Gas cylinder cabinets and store rooms (fire resistant, non fire resistant, single skin), gas cylinder pallets, mounting supports and trollies
Fire resistant storage Accessible BMC container, non-accessible FBM container, 120 minutes fire resiatant to EN 13501-2 (doors EN 1634-1), European fire resistant container
Hazmat storage External storage, Basic-Store systems, System containers, Module containers, WHG, MC-VARIO, Combi containers, steel and polyethylene hazmat depots
Sumps & shelves Sumps (steel, polyethylene, stainless steel), spillage decking, racks/shelves
Safety cabinets fire resistant cabinets, chemical and drum cabinets, cabinet extraction
Drum handling equipment Drum lifters, drum handling, ibc handling, forklift attachments
Static Elektricity Earthing, ATEX, earthing clips, earthing systems
Handling of commodities Safety cans, earthing equipment, mixers, (drum) pumps, drums/containers, drum accessories, storage and fuel tanks, lifting equipment, skips, tippers
Ventilation, extraction Extraction systems, ventilation technique, protection levels 1 to 4 (protection factor 15 to 100 000)
Heating of substances Induction drum heaters, electrical drum heaters, heating jackets, heating chambers
Barriers and sorbents Spilll barriers (automatic, manual), sealing systems, DENSORB sorbents (Universal, Oil, Special, spill/emergency kits), granules
Cleaning and collecting PURIMA, environmentally friendly, solvent free cleaning system BIO.X, parts cleaning tanks, used oil collection, safety waste disposal containers
Personal protection OSHA, PPE, personal protection equipment, warning signs,
Emergency showers Full body, eye and face emergency showers, eye wash bottles, mobile eye showers, tank showers, safety labels, personal protection equipment, barriers
Service & Maintenance Maintenance, repairs, periodic inspection


Brand   Description
DENIOS Storage and handling systems for hazardous substances
Asecos Fire resistant safety cabinets and gas cylinder cabinets
Anhamm Spill barriers
Broen Full body, eye and face emergency showers
Densorb High performance absorption materials
Lutz Electric drum pumps
Makronyl Polyethylene KIWA certified storage tanks and pipe systems
Newson Gale Earthing equipment
Reehorst Double wall KIWA certified storage tanks
VARIO-Flow Extraction technology, safe work benches and booths, fume-cupboard

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