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Jongerius B.V.
 Verkoop, engineering, project management, maintenance
Postbus 1033
NL- 3860 BA   Nijkerk
Klompenmaker 10-12
NL- 3861 SK   Nijkerk
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contact, function department email direct dial
Mr. Rene Meijerink, Project Manager NL 
 +31 33 744 00 70
Mr. Erwin van Diepen, Supervisor Maintenance & Reliability 
 + 31 33 744 00 70
Mr. D. Elgersma, Sales Engineer Service & Parts   
 +31 33 744 00 70
Mr. Remon van den Heuvel, Sales Engineer Projects Projects 
 +31 33 744 00 70
Mr. Robert Tiesma, Sales Engineer Sales/Projecten 

Company profile

For over 80 years Jongerius B.V. has been active and a leader in the solids and liquids sector. Jongerius B.V. is your partner from design and supply of equipment to tailor-made equipment. From our specialists you may expect a range of activities, from initial realization to worldwide service contracts and on-site maintenance. Jongerius B.V. has its own research and test centre for the execution of tests and the development of new products and processes.

Products, in categories

Storage systems - Pressure vessels - Stainless steel pressure vessels
Storage systems - Tanks - Types - Stainless steel tanks
Storage systems - Tanks - Types - Polyester tanks
Storage systems - Tanks - Tank cleaning
Storage systems - Tanks - Explosion safeguarding - Explosion safe rotatry star valves
Storage systems - Containers, IBCs
Storage systems - Big Bags, FIBCs - Big bags, types and accessories
Storage systems - Big Bags, FIBCs - Discharge systems for big bags, FIBCs
Storage systems - Tools, equipment - Metal detection
Pumps - Type, technique - Lobe pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Membrane pumps
Pumps - Applications - Dosing pumps
Pumps - Applications - Vacuum pumps
Pumps - Components, accessories - Filters for pumps
Pumps - Components, accessories - Pump revision
Piping - Tubes, Pipes - Stainless steel tubes, pipes
Hoses - Rubber hoses
Piping - Bends - Large radius bends
Piping - Bends - Wear bends
Valves - Dosing valves
Valves - Ball valves
Valves - Membrane valves
Valves - Butterfly valves
Filtration, seperation - Solid- liquid separator - Filters - not self cleanable - Bag filter
Filtration, seperation - Solid- liquid separator - Filters - not self cleanable - Candle filter
Filtration, seperation - Solid- liquid separator - Filters - self cleaning - Tube filters
Filtration, seperation - Consulting filtering, seperation
Processing equipment - Mixers
Processing equipment - Agitators
Processing equipment - Dispersers, dissolvers
Services - Facilitating - Service and maintenance
Safety - Safety regulations - ATEX
Processing equipment - Mills, milling
Processing equipment - Emulsifiers
Processing equipment - Homogenizers
Processing equipment - Cooling/heating - Plate heat exchangers
Hoses - Hose inspection
Valves - Components, accessories - Sampling valves
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Gravimetric dosing - Gain-in-weight feeders
Pumps - Applications - Food pumps

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
Valves, Sealsexternal link Diaphragm, Bunker, Butterfly, Slide, Glboe Segment
Valves, Sealsexternal link Conicalmill,sizereduction,sieving,dust,powder,granules,lowenergy, conicalmilling,wetsizing,drysizing,conemill,Quadro,Comil,
Screening,screens,sievesexternal link particlesizedistribution,sievedeck,rotatingsieve,flatsieve,securitysieve,course,fine,vibratingsieve,sieve,mesh
Breaking milling crushingexternal link Roller, Cam, Jaw
Breaking milling crushingexternal link dosing,volumetric,gravimetric,weighing,feeder,screw feeder, lossinweight feeding
Projects & engineeringexternal link Pressure, Blow-Through, Pellets, Dosing, High-Pressure
Projects & engineeringexternal link controls,projects,projectmanagement,turnkey,design,preengineering, basicengineering,assembly,mounting,service,warranty
Bulk containers, IBCsexternal link Solids, Liquids, Discharge stations
Containment solutionsexternal link containment,glovebox,containmentsolutions,downflowbooth,packoffsystem, pharmaspace,isolator
Drying, dryersexternal link Whirl bed, Spiral, Tumble, Vacuum
Big-bag, bag handlingexternal link bigbag,bigbagfilling,bigbagemtying,fibc,ibc,filling,emptying,bigbagweighing, bigbaghoist,bigbagstorage
Big-bag, bag handlingexternal link Whirl bed, Contact, Spiral
Diverter valvesexternal link Two-Way, Plural-Way, Single-Way
Air treatmentexternal link filters,filterinstallations,dedusting,extraction,dust,dustexplosion,filterhousing, filterelement
Atex-directiveexternal link atex,equipment,inventory,certificate,pressurerelease,dust,dustexplosion, dustextraction,
Mechanical conveyingexternal link Vibration, Screw, Chain, Elevators
Mixers, mixing, blendersexternal link aeroflow,conveyor,cable,rope,spareparts, aeromechanicalconveying
Mixers, mixing, blendersexternal link Plough Share, Ribbon, Pellets, Agglomerates, Dryers, Reactors, Tumble
Dedusting,dust collectionexternal link Filter, Screening, Sifters, Agglomerate
Pneumatic conveyingexternal link Blow, Suck, High-Pressure, Slow


Brand   Description
Quadro Engineering Inc.external link Conical milling,mills,milling equipment, micronizing, flexsift
Aeroflexexternal link Spiral conveying, flexible conveying system, flexibel screw conveyor
IKA-Werke GmbHexternal link Mixing, disperging, dissolving, homogenising, dissolving, suspending
Coperion Waeschle GmbHexternal link Rotary valve,diverter, Pneumatic Conveying, Rotary Valves, Two-Way Diverter Valves, Pellet dedusting
K-Tron Feeder Groupexternal link Dosing
Jongerius Componentsexternal link Big Bag systems, pneumatic conveying, samplers, mixers, projects, lump breaker
Sievelineexternal link Sieves, sieving technology, ckeck sieve, classifying
Aeroflowexternal link Aeroflow Aeromechanical Conveying, disk, conveyor
Jongerius B.V.external link Cone Mills, Centrifugal Sifters, Container discharge system
Minox Siebtechnikexternal link Tumble Screening Machine, Vibrating Tumbler Machine, Whirl Bed Dryers
Three Tecexternal link Dosing equipment
Brabenderexternal link Dosing equipment
Buschexternal link Pumps (vacuum)

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