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Bedu Pompen B.V.
 Poort van Midden Gelderland Rood 10
NL-6666 LT   Heteren
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 Bedu Belgium bvba
Industriepark West 75, Bus 24
B9100   Sint Niklaas
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Company brochure


contact, function department email direct dial
Technical consultants Service 
 +31 88 480 29 00
Mr. Hans Bekker, Technical consultant Sales 
 +31 88 480 29 00
Ms. Sonja van ’t Oever Marketing & Sales 
 +31 88 480 29 21

Company profile

About us

Located centrally in the middle of the Netherlands, Bedu Pumps can respond quickly to client needs. Bedu Pumps has been active in most sectors of the industry for the last 3 decades, and it is this 30 years knowledge and experience that Bedu Pumps uses to devise customized solutions for all its clients problems – be this design advice or providing the best pump to meet a particular set of operating conditions.

Bedu Pumps has exclusive dealership rights for many renowned international products which puts it in a strong position to operate in Dutch and Belgian markets and offer a wide range of top quality products.

Our organization consists of approx. 30 enthusiastic and skilled staff members who understand that the dynamics of liquid requires flexible and customized solutions, not just run-of-the-mill advice. We work with you to find the perfect solution.

Our organization has a lot of specialists at your service, no matter what make of liquid pump you use, we can maintain, repair and overhaul it to a professional standard.

Bedu Pumps’ emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; this means that our experienced professionals are always available to solve your problems – fast!

Products, in categories

Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - Self suction pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - Multiple step pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - Magnet driven pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Submersible pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - Low pressure pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - High pressure pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - Channel fan pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Centrifugal pumps - Plastic pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Membrane pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Mono pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Plunger pump
Pumps - Type, technique - Pinion pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Vane pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Screw pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Hose pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Gear pump
Pumps - Type, technique - Turbine pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Displacement pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Vortex pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Screw pumps
Pumps - Type, technique - Side Channel Pumps
Pumps - Applications - Well pumps
Pumps - Applications - Circulation pumps
Pumps - Applications - Dosing pumps
Pumps - Applications - Submersible pumps
Pumps - Applications - Process pumps
Pumps - Applications - Slurry pumps
Pumps - Specialities - None-metal pumps
Pumps - Specialities - Stainless steel pumps
Pumps - Applications - Waste water pumps

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
M Pumpsexternal link M Pumps, magdrive pump, Caster, chemical pumps, mpumps,
ASV Stübbe Pumpsexternal link chemical pumps, ISO2858 pumps, din24256 pumps
Ebara Pumpsexternal link submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, deepwell pumps, stainless steel pumps, multistage pumps
Ecolab pumpsexternal link metering pumps, metering systems, airdriven metering pumps, carwash metering pumps
Zenit Pumpsexternal link submersible pumps, sewage pumps, submersible pumps with cutting device, Atex submersible pumps, bronze submersible pumps
versamatic pompenexternal link diaphragm pumps,Versa Matic pumps, Idex ,Airvantage diaphragm pumps, synthetic diaphragm pumps, metal diaphragm pumps,atex
Submersible pumpsexternal link grinder pumps, vortex pumps, channel pumps, sewage pumps
Magnetic driven pumpsexternal link  ISO 2858, API 685, API 610
Gear pumpsexternal link Internal gear pumps, External gearpumps
Excentric screw pumpsexternal link Mono pumps, screw pumps
Vertical sump pumpsexternal link Sump pumps
Peristaltic pumpsexternal link Hose pumps
Hollow disc pumpsexternal link Excenter disc pumps, selfpriming positive displacement pumps
OBL metering pumpsexternal link Diaphragm metering pumps, Piston metering pumps, API 675 pumps, high pressure pumps
Calpeda pumpsexternal link Calpeda deepwell pumps, Calpeda booster sets, Calpeda centrifigal pumps, EN 733, Calpeda bronze pumps


Brand   Description
Ecolab external link Metering pumps and meteringsystems for chemicals and additives
Grünexternal link Drum pumps
ASV Stübbe external link Plastic chemical pumps for chemical industry
Calpeda external link Water pumps for OEM, marine, watertreatment
Cucchiexternal link Gear pumps
Versa Matic external link Airdriven diaphragm pumps for all kind of fluids
M Pumpsexternal link Magdrive pumps for chemical applications
Zenit external link Submersible pumps for waste water
Ebara external link Stainless steel pumps for water and light chemicals
Sydex external link Excentric screw pumps

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